n .天气,气象


  【真题链接】 A man arrives in heaven and is being shown around by St. Peter. He sees wonderful accommodations, beautiful gardens, sunny weather, and so on.[2002年Text1]


  【真题链接】 This “added-worker effect” could support the safety net offered by unemployment insurance or disability insurance to help families weather(v.) bad times.[2007年Text3]

  【译文】 这种“附加工人效应”可以支持失业保险或残疾保险所提供的保障制度,以帮助家庭渡过困难时期。



  【真题链接】 Instead, we are treated to fine hypocritical spectacles (②), which now more than ever seem in ample supply:…[2000年Text5]

  【译文】 相反我们目睹了比以前任何时候都多的虚伪景观:………


  n . ①塞子; ②水龙头; ③轻打,轻敲;

  vt . ①轻打,轻敲;②开发

  【真题链接】 Someone must have left the tap(n.②) on, for the water was running over and flooding the bathroom.

  【译文】 一定有人忘记关掉水龙头,因为水正四处流淌,浴室如同遭了水灾。

  【真题链接】 In the first year or so of Web business, most of the action has revolved around efforts to tap(vt.②) the consumer market.[1999年Text2]

  【译文】 大约在网上交易的第一年当中,大部分业务活动都是围绕着努力开发消费者市场来进行的。



  【真题链接】 If one wanted to become a computer engineer, that is, of course, an entirely different story (②).[1999年Text3]

  【译文】 当然如果想成为一名计算机工程师,事情就完全不同了。

  【真题链接】 In other words, there is a conventional story (③) line in the newsroom culture that provides a backbone and a ready-made narrative structure for otherwise confusing news.[2001年Text3]

  【译文】 换言之,在媒介机构的新闻采编室文化中存在着一套约定俗成的写作模式,为纷繁复杂的新闻报道提供了一个中心思路和现成的故事编写框架。


  n . ①(体育)运动; ②( pl .)运动会;

  v. ①开玩笑;②玩耍; ③卖弄,炫耀

  【真题链接】 The bodies playing major professional sports(n.①) have changed dramatically over the years, and managers have been more than willing to adjust team uniforms to fit the growing numbers of bigger, longer frames.


  【真题链接】 Too many schools adopt the “win at all costs” moral standard and measure their success by sporting(v.③) achievements.[1994年Text4]





  【真题链接】 Instead of describing sounds (n.) we must make up words that imitate them; we must use many sizes of type and different colored inks on the same page, and shorten or lengthen words at will.[2000年Text3]

  【译文】 我们必须造出词语去模仿声音,而不应对其进行描述;我们必须在同一张纸上使用不同型号和不同颜色的墨水,任意缩短或加长词语。

  【真题链接】 It sounds (v.②) like a useful, ground-clearing way to start.[1997年翻译]


  n . ①解答,解决办法; ②溶解,溶液;

  【真题链接】 In such a changing, complex society formerly simple solutions(①) to informational needs become complicated.[1995年Text3]

  【译文】 在这样一个不断变化的复杂社会里,以前简单地获取信息的方法变得复杂了。

  【真题链接】The mineral elements from the soil that are usable by the plant must be dissolved in the soil solution(②)before they can be taken into the root.(1991年Text 3)



  n. ①就座,入席;②开会,开庭; a. ①坐着的;②在任期内的,现任的

  【真题链接】 Many jobs present noise hazards, such as working in factories and around jet aircraft, driving farm tractors, and working (or sitting(a.①)) in music halls where rock bands are playing. [1988年Text2]

  【译文】 目前许多工作都存在噪音危害,如工作在工厂中或喷气机的周围、驾驶农场拖拉机、在演奏摇滚乐的音乐厅中工作(或仅仅身处其中)。

  【真题链接】Says Korn Ferry, senior partner Dennis Carey :“I can’t think of a single search I’ve done where a board has not instructed me to look at sitting(a.②) CEOs first.”[2011年Text2]

  【译文】Korn Ferry,资深合伙人Dennis Carey说道:“我所做的每一次的招聘中,董事会都要求我从那些在任的CEO中寻找人选。”


  n . ①壳,贝壳; ② 炮弹

  v. (out)付款

  【真题链接】 If we do not confront and overcome these internal fears and doubts, if we protect ourselves too much, then we cease to grow. We become trapped inside a shell(n.①) of our own making.[1995年Text2]

  【译文】 如果我们不能去正视并克服这些内在的恐惧和疑虑,如果我们过于自我保护,那么我们就会停止成长,陷进自己营造的壳里面。

  【真题链接】 All he needs to do is shell(v.) our $30 for paternity testing kit (PTK) at his local drugstore— and another $120 to get the results.[2009年Text2]

  【译文】他所要做的就是在当地的药店里付 30美元买一个父子关系测试包(PTK),然后再支付 120美元获得结果。




  【真题链接】 Anyone who keeps careful score (n.①) knows that the information available is always incomplete and that the predictions are always subject to error. Standardized tests should be considered in this context.[1995年翻译]

  【译文】 任何仔细记分的人都知道,所得到的信息总是不完全的,而且,这些预测总是会有错误的。应该根据这种观点去考量标准化考试。

  【真题链接】 Innovation is like soccer; even the best players miss the goal and have their shots blocked much more frequently than they score (v.).[1994年Text5]

  【译文】 创新就像踢足球,即使是最出色的球员也会痛失进球机会,其射门被挡出的机会大大多于进球的机会。



  【真题链接】 It should be observed, of course, that no school (①), vocational or not, is helped by a confusion over its purpose.[1999年Text3]

  【译文】 当然应该看到的是,不管是职业学校、还是普通学校,混淆计算机教学的目的,都不会受益。

  【真题链接】 And William Sahlman of the Harvard Business School (②) believes that people will look back on this period as “a golden age of business management in the United States.”[2000年Text1]

  【译文】 哈佛商学院的威廉?萨尔曼相信人们将来回顾这一时期时,会把它视为“美国企业管理的黄金时代”。

  【真题链接】 According to the new school (③) of scientists, technology is an overlooked force in expanding the horizons of scientific knowledge.[1994年翻译]

  【译文】 新学派科学家们认为,在拓展科学知识的范围方面的技术是被忽视的力量。



  v. ①由铁道运输; ②迫使… 仓促行事

  【真题链接】 The railroad(n.) industry as a whole, despite its brightening fortunes, still does not earn enough to cover the cost of the capital it must invest to keep up with its surging traffic.[2003年Text3]

  【译文】 从整体来说,虽然铁路行业有耀眼的资产,但它的收入仍然不足以支付为满足不断增长的运输需要而进行的固定资产投资。

  【真题链接】 Your outline should smoothly conduct you from one point to the next, but do not permit it to railroad (v.②)you.[2008年新题型]





  【真题链接】 That’s one reason (n.①) why the idea of a national list hasn’t gone anywhere, while drug costs keep rising fast.[2005年新题型]

  【译文】 这就是为什么全国性药品名录还未出台的原因,也是药品价格居高不下的原因。

  【真题链接】 And so it does — and all would be well were reason (n.②) the only judge in the creationism/evolution debate.[1996年Text5]

  【译文】 的确如此——如果理性是创世纪论和进化论之争的惟一标准,一切问题也就迎刃而解了。

  【真题链接】 He reasoned (v.①) that because it is easier to formulate certain concepts and not others in a given language, the speakers of that language think along one track and not along another.[2004年翻译]

  【译文】 他推理到:因为人们很容易用某一特定的语言形成一些不容混淆的概念,语言的使用者往往会沿着同一条轨迹思考问题。


  n.①视角;②透视法;③(in ~)正确地

  【真题链接】 63. The emphasis on data gathered first-hand, combined with a cross-cultural perspective (①) brought to the analysis of cultures past and present, makes this study a unique and distinctly important social science.[2003年翻译]

  【译文】 63. 强调收集第一手资料,加上在分析过去和现在文化形态时采用跨文化视角,使得这一研究成为一门独特并且非常重要的社会科学。

  【真题链接】 Not everyone sees that process in (28:perspective) (③) .It is important to do so.[2002年完形]

  【译文】 并不是所有人都能正确看待这一进程,虽然了解这一点非常重要。


  n. ①水池,游泳池; ②合资经营

  v. ①把…集中在一起;②合伙经营,联营

  【真题链接】 Curbs on business-method claims would be a dramatic about-face, because it was the federal circuit itself that introduced such patents with is 1998 decision in the so-called state Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of pooling (v. ①)mutual-fund assets.[2010年Text2]

  【译文】对于商业方法诉求的限制是个戏剧性的彻底变化,因为正是联邦巡回法院自己引进了这种专利。那是在 1998 年,对于所谓的美国道富银行的案件中,联邦巡回法院做出了判决,批准了筹集共同基金资产的方法具有专利权。